raise [rāz]
raised, raising [ME raisen < ON reisa, caus. of risa, to RISE]
a) to cause to rise; move to a higher level; lift; elevate
b) to bring to or place in an upright position
2. to construct or erect (a building, etc.)
a) to wake from sleep
b) to stir up; arouse; incite [to raise a revolt]
4. to increase in size, value, amount, etc. [to raise prices]
5. to increase in degree, intensity, strength, etc. [to raise one's voice]
6. to improve the position, rank, or situation of [to raise oneself from poverty]
7. to cause to arise, appear, come, etc.; esp., to bring back as from death; reanimate [to raise the dead]
8. to cause to come about; provoke; inspire [the joke raised a laugh]
9. to bring forward for consideration [to raise a question]
10. to collect, gather, or procure (an army, money, etc.)
11. to utter (a cry, shout, etc.)
12. to bring to an end; remove [to raise a siege]
13. to cause to become light; leaven (bread, etc.)
a) to cause to grow or to breed [to raise corn or cattle]
b) to bring up or rear (children)
15. to establish radio communication with
16. to cause (a blister) to form
17. to make (a nap on cloth) with teasels, etc.
18. Commerce to increase by fraud the face value of (a check, etc.)
19. Naut. to cause (land, another ship, etc.) to seem to rise over the horizon by approaching it; come within sight of
20. Bridge to increase (one's partner's bid in a suit or in no-trump)
21. Phonet. to change the sound of (a vowel) by putting the tongue in a higher position
22. Poker to bet more than (the highest preceding bet or bettor)
1. Dial. to rise or arise
2. Poker to increase the bet
1. an act of raising
a) an increase in amount
b) an increase in salary or wages, or in a bet
raise Cain or raise the devil or raise hell or raise a rumpus or raise the roof
Slang to create a disturbance; cause trouble

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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